CHRISTOPHER has written songs for Diana Ross, Hilary Duff, Wynonna Judd, The Backstreet Boys, Tina Arena, Amanda Marshall, Roch Voisine and many others. His best-known song is the worldwide #1 hit for Alannah Myles, “Black Velvet.” He received the Juno award for Songwriter of the Year in 1990.


black velvet

This was shot at Alannah Myles’ family cottage in Ontario on the porch of a beautiful log cabin where she, David Tyson and I wrote many songs for her first 2 albums. The gramophone was found in the root cellar, a happy accident considering the lyric ‘on the Victrola up high’. Guitarist Kurt Scheffter, who plays electric guitar on the song, but not acoustic guitar, is playing the acoustic guitar that I wrote the song on, my old friend the Martin D28 that I still play.
— CW

Beautiful goodbye

This song, recorded by Amanda Marshall for her first album, was written by David Tyson and myself with a strict division of responsibilities - Dave had the music completely done when he gave it to me to write a lyric. It’s one of the most challenging that I’ve ever written, I think because I loved the music so much and wanted to do something that measured up. In the end, I wrote the lyric in what I thought of as the hard-boiled noir style of Raymond Chandler, one of my favourite authors, who wrote ‘The Big Sleep’ and ‘Farewell My Lovely’. Did I succeed?
— CW

I Can't Wait

This is the video for the original version of a song that eventually became Hilary Duff’s first single. The artist is Brooke McClymont, a wonderfully talented Australian singer who co-wrote the song with Matthew Gerrard and myself. The lyrics got tweaked the night before Hilary recorded it to make it more age-appropriate. She was 15 at the time & starring in Disney’s ‘Lizzie McGuire’ show; the song was number 1 on Radio Disney for many months and the TV show soundtrack went platinum!
— CW






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